Fledgling brand

We were recently asked to design a corporate identity for a new ethical cosmetics company Three Birds. The founders chose the name because they all spent time in prison before launching their entrepreneurial careers.

Eatcake quickly had a good idea what would work for the company visually. Our primary aim was to develop an original look that distinguished them from more mainstream competitors.

Three routes were proposed, all of which we would have been delighted to take further.


The first proposal uses the language of tattoos; in particularly the standard ‘swallow’ design which represents freedom and is often chosen by people in prison.


There is a clear temptation to use birds with a company name like this. Our second proposal aims to subvert the obvious by suggesting birds although they are absent. The eye is drawn to the open cage door, and we can imagine our own story about the freed birds.

The chosen identity was the most visually direct. The client liked the rendering and the ‘tropical plumage’ colours. The simple bird forms will be striking on the packaging, and easily applied to soap bars using a custom stamp.